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our suppliers

Relationships are at the centre of everything we do. With most of our suppliers and partners we have been working with since the start. Through these enduring partnerships, we prioritise fair, safe, and healthy working conditions across our value chain. Together, we strive for mutual growth and improvement.


A few times a year, we make the journey to Italy to visit our trusted suppliers. These visits are more than just business obligations; they're a celebration of the enduring relationships we've built. Working primarily with smaller family businesses, we witness firsthand the exceptional craftsmanship that Italy is renowned for. In Italy, all our finest knitwear comes to life. Also, some of our woven styles and especially our beautiful
linen styles are produced here.


The story of by-bar began in this beautiful country. In 2008, Barbara embarked on her first journey to India to launch her own jewelry collection. Alongside jewelry, we now also manufacture cotton styles and premium leather accessories here. Moreover, we take pride in producing our upcycled antic styles, crafted from pre-loved saris worn by women in India, adding a unique touch to our collections while empowering our vision on sustainability.


Based in Turkey, renowned for its exceptional denim qualities, we carefully choose this location to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Recognizing the significant impact of denim production, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that 100% of our denim collection is low impact. Additionally, our woven viscose styles are crafted in Turkey, where we prioritize the use of the more sustainable EcoVero viscose,
further reducing our environmental footprint.


We have been coming to Portugal for a long time. Since the beginning of by-bar, we have been producing the finest, high quality jerseys and sweats with beautiful artwork and embroidery here. Our dedication to quality has remained steadfast, and the same factories that welcomed us in the beginning continue to craft the best by-bar pieces. Together with our suppliers in Portugal, we're dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future, actively working to lower our environmental footprint.

trusted relationships

Building trusted relationships is key to our growth and sustainability efforts. We have worked with most of our suppliers and partners since the very beginning. We visit them regularly to collaborate on creating beautiful, high-quality, and more responsible products.

Ensuring good working conditions throughout our supply chain is paramount to us. Presently, 80% of our partners meet third-party standards like Sedex, BSCI, SA8000, ICS, and Fair Wear. We are actively working with the remaining partners to improve their practices. We believe in growing together to make a lasting positive impact.

When selecting new suppliers, we only choose audited factories meeting third-party standards (Sedex, BSCI, SA8000, ICS, Fair Wear) for working conditions and environmental management. This approach improves our supply chain management and supports responsible practices in the fashion industry.